VTOP UHS-II USB 3.0 Card Reader Writer - SD 4.0 SDXC SDHC Memory Card Reader

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UHS-II SD Card Reader Writer - for Photographers, 4K Video DSLR Camera, Camcorder

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UHS-II High Speed M-Series Memory Cards are the Perfect Balance of Speed, Power and Value 

TheSDHC/SDXC UHS-II Card Reader/Writer from V.TOP allows you to quickly transfer data to and from UHS-II SD memory cards as it comes equipped with a USB 3.0 interfac. Quickly transfer all of your HD video files, RAW files, and more directly from your camera to your computer. This card reader/writer is also backwards compatible with USB 2.0 ports, as well as UHS-I, and non-UHS memory cards.【Please note USB extension cord may be required for use with Mac Pro (2013)】

For a professional Photographers or Camera-Operator, the Memory Card Reader Speed is Key. Now V.TOP® U3CR01 bring us the amazing speed experience with the latest SD4.0 Technology (UHS-II). It allows a SD4.0 compatible device records photo or video at Max. 156 MByte/s (FD156), 312 MByte/s (HD312). However, of course the facts is that different branded UHS-II Memory Cards' speeds are different.

U3CR01 UHS-II Usb3.0 SD Card reader benefits from SD4.0 Technology and made out The Fastest Card Reader so far.It offers the speeds that professional photographers and video graphers need to quickly download 4K x 2K resolutioned photos and HD videos. Compact and portable, U3CR01 card reader travels easily from the studio to the field and is backward compatible with USB 2.0 interfaces and UHS-I and non-UHS SD cards. It supports various types of memory cards, such as SD, SDHC, mini SD (Requires mini SD to SD converter), micro SD (T-Flash). It also supports high density memory cards (Capacity up to 2TB), such as SDXC, ultra high speed memory cards, SD3.0 UHS-I and the latest generation high speed SD4.0 UHS-II memory card reader.

Memory Card Reader Designed for UHS-II Cards
The SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC/SDXC UHS-II Card Reader/Writer is built to handle the high-performance demands of UHS-II memory cards. This single-slot card reader is an ideal accessory for the new generation of high-performance cameras and camcorders based on UHS-II technology.

USB 3.0 for Transfer Speeds of up to 500 MB/s
The SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC/SDXC UHS-II Card Reader/Writer uses a USB 3.0 interface that offers data transfer speeds of up to 500 MB/s, up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0. This increases productivity when moving large quantities of RAW image files or Full HD video files from your camera to your computer.

Designed for Professionals
Built to handle the demands of UHS-II technology, this card reader/writer offers professional photographers and videographers the workflow efficiencies needed to stay competitive.

Compact, Portable Design
Small enough for fieldwork, the card reader/writer features a compact design that makes it easy to take with you wherever you go. It is also backwards compatible with the USB 2.0 interface, UHS-I cards, and non-UHS cards.


Since UHS-II was announced 2011 it has taken years for cameras manufacturers to add the high-speed interface to new cameras. The first use of UHS-II was in Panasonic camcorders in 2013 with microP2 cards. In 2014, the first consumer digital cameras to support UHS-II were released. First the Fuji XT-1 and later the Samsung NX1. In 2015 Olympus began offering cameras with UHS-II support and in 2016 Nikon released the D500 that includes the UHS-II interface.

The following list is for cameras that support the UHS-II interface. This list is updated periodically as new cameras are announced and released.

Camera Model
Slot 1
Slot 2
Announcement Date
FujiX-Pro2UHS-IIUHS-I14-Jan-16Dual SD card slots, however only Slot 1 supports UHS-II
FujiX-T2UHS-IIUHS-II7-Jul-16Dual UHS-II Slots
FujiGFX 50SUHS-IIUHS-II19-Sep-16Dual UHS-II Slots
LeicaLeica SL (Typ 601)UHS-IIUHS-I20-Oct-15Slot 1: UHS-II, Slot 2: UHS-I
NikonD500XQDUHS-II6-Jan-16Slot 1: XQD, Slot 2: UHS-II
NikonD850XQDUHS-II24-Aug-17Slot 1: XQD, Slot 2: UHS-II
OlympusOM-D E-M10 IIUHS-II
OlympusOM-D E-M1 IIUHS-IIUHS-I2-Nov-16Dual SD card slots, however only Slot 1 supports UHS-II
PanasonicGH5UHS-IIUHS-II4-Jan-17Dual UHS-II card slots
SonyA9UHS-IIUHS-I19-Apr-17Dual SD card slots, however only Slot 1 supports UHS-II
SonyA7R IIIUHS-IIUHS-I25-Oct-17Dual SD card slots, however only Slot 1 supports UHS-II

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