VTOP USB 2.0 Over Ethernet Cat 5 Cat 6 Network Extender 50M - Driver Free Version

Veröffentlicht:2019-04-29 14:56:39

The CAT5 USB Extender allows the distance between a USB device and a host computer to be extended to 50M lengths using standard CAT5/5e/6 network cable (not included)

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USB 2.0 to Ethernet Network Extender - 50M - CAT5 CAT6 USB Line Extender ( Driver Free Version)
- Connect USB 2.0 Devices (Such as Storage Devices, Printers, Scanners, Mice and Keyboards Mixer) Away from Your Computer over Cat5

The USB over RJ45 Cat6 Extender lets you extend a USB 2.0 connection over distances of up to 50-meters , over standard Cat6 ethernet cabling.Backward compatible with USB 1.x devices.
the extender enables almost any kind of USB device to be placed at remote locations away from the host computer system.

■ Secured environments where the host computer must be in a secure, inaccessible location from the the keyboard, mouse, camera or other USB input devices
■ Industrial control environments where the host computer must be located away from interference or contamination
■ Can be used with existing in-wall Cat6 ethernet wiring, for extending USB connections between rooms
■ Reduce cable clutter and the need for mid-point USB hubs/repeaters by running a single, easy-to-install Cat6 cable

The NT50 Advantage:
■ Extend a USB 2.0 device up to 50m away from the computer over a single Cat6 ethernet cable
■ Connect USB devices with up to 480Mbps of bandwidth and the full 500mA of power for improved speed, compatibility and reliability
■ Eliminates the need to cascade expensive, inflexible and space consuming USB hubs or repeaters for USB range extension

50M USB 2.0 Network Extender
Local Units ( PC Host )
Remote Units ( USB Device )
USB Bus Interface
USB 2.0
Number of Ports
1 x RJ45 Ethernet Female
1 x RJ45 Ethernet Female


1. Power On: ACT Lights On
2. Data Activity: LINK Lights On
Max. Data Tranfer Rate
USB 2.0 - 480Mbps
Max. Cable Distance
50 Meters
Compatible Cable
Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6e
Power Adapter
5V DC, 1000mA @ NT50
OS Supported
Work with Major Operate System:  Windows 10/8/7/XP & Mac OS 10.12
Operate Temperature
0 °C ~ 50 °C
Storage Temperature0 °C ~ 50 °C
Operate Humidity
20 ~ 90% RH
82 x 30 mm ( Body)
82 x 30 mm ( Body)
About 40g
About 50g