【VTOP AV202 AUDIO CAPTURE CABLE】How to use the VTOP audio capture.

2018-11-26 08:43:27

This is a tricky question I’ve bumped up against multiple times. What if I want to record my computer’s sound output? Maybe you'll say I can use the microphone to record what’s coming out of the speakers,but there’s naturally going to be a large loss of quality,since the sound has to go through both the bad speakers and bad microphone.In this case,you just need an audio capture cable.I will teach you how to use the VTOP audio capture cable.


Here's How to use USB Audio Capture.

Quick Installation:

Note:Before installing the Audacity Application Software,you need to close the Anti-Virus Software.


Step 1: Install Audacity and LAME MP3 Encoder.The software can be found in the CD or downloaded from the we bsite.

Declaration: LAME is a library that allows some programs to encode MP3 files. LAME is free,but in some countries users may need to pay a license fee in order to legall encode MP3 files.

Note: Install Audacity as main application software; and you may install LAME MP3 encoder based on your own personal needs.

Step 2: Hardware Installation - Connect your analog audio source to audio input jack of this AV202.

Step 3: Plug the USB end of AV202 into Computer's available USB Port, and make sure your computer does recognize the AV202. 

Step 4: Run the Audacity Software for Capturing, Editing your desired music. (AudacitySoftware's Operation Manual is contained in the CD.)

Step 5: Transfer the digital audio files to your device.

Hardware Installation:

The Operation System will install the driver automatically. Some Operation Systems might require an Internet for updating.

Connect the AV202 to the computer. The system message " Your new hardware is installed and ready to use will appear after a while. It means that the driver has been installed or updated successfully.

  1. Connect the AV202 to your computer, and open Device Manager. Click on the"Sound, video and game controllers" , and you can see "USB Audio Device" if AV202 is recognized by the computer correctly. (Please close Anti-Virus Software before installation.)

  2. While if a Yellow Mark appears, you will have to remove the driver and disconnect AV202 from the computer and reconnectit to install/update the driver again. (We strongly suggest an Internet is available.)


Then, you can use this usb audio grabber to convert old collection of cassettes, vinyl records and LPs into crisp, clear digital audio files for music on the go and then create audio CDs and MP3 CDs for personal audio library and make archive of life-time collection that will not degrade or deteriorate over time.




Some Tips:

  • The Audio you capture will only be as good as the source it came from. If the tapes are worn, the captured footage will reflect that. Try and store your old tapes in a cool, dry place.

  • Before recording, "pack" your Audiotape by fast-forwarding to the end of the tape and then rewinding back to the beginning before playing. This will allow for smooth playback while capturing the Audio.

  • If your source device has S-Audio output, make sure you use that instead of composite (RCA) Audio output. S-Audio delivers a much higher picture quality than composite Audio.

  • If you want to capture lots of Audio to burn to DVD, make sure you have a large hard drive, or better yet, use a separate hard drive for storing Audio.

What You Need:

  • A Computer

  • A Audio Capture Device

  • Audio Capture Software

  • If you want to edit your Audio, you will need Audio Editing Software

  • If you want to record your Audio to DVD you will need DVD Recording software

  • You will need a DVD Burner to physically record the DVD

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