How to use V.TOP USB-Video-Capture/Grabber Device?

2019-04-29 14:56:39

Memories have a lifespan — at least when it comes to those captured on the all-but-dead medium called Video Home System, aka VHS. The format was never intended to last forever and degrades over time. If your precious home videos or Super Bowl commercial mixtapes managed to survive thus far, however, you may want to salvage the footage before time takes its toll. Converting well-worn videos will never be flawless — the slightest hiccup can interrupt the transfer signal — but it can be done on a modest budget with a few basic tools. Below, we’ll show you how to save your moments digitally on multiple formats, including DVD, Blu-ray, or digital file. If you’re just too busy, we’ve also got a list of the various VHS conversion services, including pricing, to help you preserve that 20-year-old footage of you bailing on your first bike. If not for you, do it for posterity’s sake.

Disclaimer: It’s illegal to produce copies of commercial films and copyrighted content, but there are obviously no restrictions on copying home videos.

DIY a VHS-DVD Transfer is just so easy job with V.TOP USB-Video-Grabber. You can choose V.TOP or their distributors in the market like Top-Longer, InVaFoCo, DigitalLife,DriverGenius etc.With the following steps you can Rescue an old Cassette Tape.

1. Preparation
You have to check the necessary convert/adapter cables in advance. Your VHS player can tell you the Answer or consult their manual.

1.1 - 3-Phono RCA Video Cable (RCA Video Cable)
1.2 - S-Video Video Cable + Red/White Audio Cable
1.3 - 3.5mm to RCA Video Cable
1.4 - SCART (Euroconnector) to RCA Bilateral Converter

2. Software Installation
Generally, a USB Device for computer requires Driver Installation & Application Software Installation before you are using it. Of course, V.TOP has a unique type of USB-Video-Grabber which requires No Driver-Installation.

2.1 - Driver Installation
Please check if the model you are using requires Driver Installation or Not. Go driver installation according to the DIG or manual.

2.2 - Application Installation
V.TOP is using ArcSoftware or VHS-DVD authorization as their USB-Video-Capture's Application Software. Of course, those Application Software requires License Key, which you can find it on the back of CD Cover. Please Do Back-Up it well before using it.

3. Hardware Installation
It means you have to connect the V.TOP USB Video Capture with Comptuer with your VHS device sound and safe. Then run VHS device and run Application Software. Follow the Manual Instruction and you can get it!