【V.TOP AVC08】- macOS X -How to solve the license code issue on macOS

2019-04-29 14:48:41 Chris Chen

I bought through Amazon your USB Video Grabber Converter for Windows OS and Mac OS. I installed it without problem, on my Macbook Air, I was able to record a video, but several times, because it cut after 5 minutes, appears overprinted "FORWARD VIDEO". will I have forgotten to do a particular operation? thank you for your reply.

Friendly Notice

We suggest you keep present macOS version if you are continue using the V.TOP USB Video Grabber.
The macOS updated their OS structure and will not support the application software on higher version
of macOS 10.12.

1. Please make sure your macOS is macOS 10.6 - 10.12 (Not working on 10.12+)
2. Please Connect USB Video Grabber with your macOS and VHS machine.
3. Hold your macOS's "Option" + "Command" Keys on your macOS X.
4. Click the Application software. 【Do not run it in advance.】
5. The License Key Input Windows will pop out.
6. Please re-input the correct License Codes. (You can find it at the CD Cover bag)